Noah   Hassler-Forest

Noah Hassler-Forest (2000) is an upcoming Dutch violinist, recording artist, composer and bandleader. Born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Hassler-Forest began playing classical violin at age five and by his teens was competing in various national classical competitions as well as pursuing interest in improvised music.His growing interest in improvised music quickly led to an urge to compose his own music. This new music fuses elements from jazz, classical and diverse global music genres, such as American folk. At the moment he is finishing up his Bachelor of music at the Conservatory of Utrecht and planning to do a master of Jazz Violin elsewhere in Europe.One of his main musical adventures so far has been with four of his dearest musical friends. Together they began a jazz-inspired string quintet (two violins, three cello’s): Woodcraft. Noah experiences Woodcraft as a true breeding ground for experiment, improvisation and new compositions. And of course the strong friendship is a very important factor.Hassler-Forest is an experienced recording artist as well. He has recorded and co-composed with diverse artists like Igor, Ella Zirina, Het Volk and Kiki Deirdre.