Ischa  Kooistra


Ischa (1999) started playing the cello at a young age. He was fascinated by the instrument as he began plucking its strings at when he was a little child. Subsequently, he played in various string orchestras, including the Haydn Youth String Orchestra.
Afterward, he began his studies with Karlien Bartels at the conservatory in Zwolle. During his studies, Ischa received various lessons and masterclasses from international recognized musicians as Rene Berman, Florent Maigrot, Sara Kapustin, Maria Paula Majoor, Harriet Krijgh, Joachim Eilander and many more.

After completing his Bachelor's degree, he continued his studies with Jeroen den Herder at the conservatory in Utrecht.
Additionally, he enjoys improvising and playing in various genres like jazz, blues, and world music.

To enlarge his musical horizons, he is working with musicians such as Tobias Nijboer, George Dimitriu, and Oene van Geel.

Furthermore, Ischa implies percussive techniques on the cello. He has been exploring different sounds and rhythms for the last few years himself. In his perspective it opens a new world of sound possibilities. With this techniques he found an established place for an percussive roll in Woodcraft.

As well as all these things listed above, Ischa is very passionate about his ongoing teaching experience in regions of Zwolle and Utrecht